Glass Options

There are many different combinations of glass available for double glazing. There are statutory requirements under the building code where you must have safety glass if your windows and/or doors are a certain height off the ground and in a specific area of your house i.e bathrooms and kitchens.

Standard Double Glazing

Standard double glazing for wooden windows is 4mm clear glass with a 6-8mm airspace with 4mm clear glass.
Standard double glazing for wooden doors is 4 -6mm toughened or bond-lite safety glass 6-8mm spacer with 4-6mm toughened or bond-lite safety glass. (Bond-lite is 2 sheets of 3mm glass with .38mm of plastic sheet glued inside). This cracks like your windscreen on a car but doesn't shatter and remains in place if broken. Toughened glass is ordinary glass heat treated that is very tough and hard to break but when it does it shatters into lots of little pieces like the side windows of your car.


Primarily used as a safety glass with its plastic sandwiched in the middle of standard glass but also used to block UV light and as a noise control solution.

Low-E Glass

This is usually clear glass either standard or toughened which has a metallic coating on one side of the glass - this coating reflects sunlight from coming in and heat from coming out of your house so helps to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Argon Gas

This can be pumped into the double glazed unit during manufacture to replace the air normally found inside a double glazed unit. The molecules of Argon are further apart than air molecules so slows down the transfer of heat.

Opaque Glass

This is used for vanity or modesty choices. This is frosted glass that allows light in but obscures the view to outsiders. This is usually used in bathrooms and can be toughened to specifications.

Stained Glass & Leadlights

We can also double glaze stained glass and new and existing leadlights so you dont have to lose the character of your home to be insulated. There is a small extra charge for this service because it takes a bit more time to make the units (as these are hand made). We have the ability to double glaze character joinery - 8 lites, 10 lites etc for the colonial style.

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