Retro Fit Double Glazing

Retrofitting is the process of turning your existing single glazed windows & doors into double glazed units. Depending on the condition of your timber joinery, retrofit double glazing can be an environmentally sound and economically viable option for your home.

The Retro Fitting Process:

  • We organise a site visit with you to discuss the double glazing and retro fitting options for your home
  • We organise a quote  giving you various options to choose from.
  • Once the quote is finalised and accepted and a 40% deposit paid, we either order the double glazed units to your specifications and or make the new joinery.
  • We come to your home and we remove existing joinery or make the new timber joinery and either bring them back to the factory or machine onsite. The machining process is to remove all glass and putty, machine a new deeper, wider rebate into the existing sash/ door material to accommodate the new units. The double glazed units are installed under manufacturers guidelines into the renovated joinery with beading on the outside to hold the units in place and protect the sealants from UV light and the weather.
  • The joinery is then refitted to the frames with new stainless steel hinges adjusted to open freely. All beading can then be painted to match the colour of your existing joinery.
  • We can fit new window and door handles at the same time if the client requires it.
  • Sometimes the joinery is not airtight due to movement in the joinery over time. We are able to fit new timber beads either rimu or paint quality to the insides of the window/ door jambs that have air seals machined into them for a perfect airtight seal or in most instances we can router a new seal into the existing jamb.
  • Our retro-fit service can be done onsite at your home - this is a messy job so we do have the option of taking existing joinery back to our factory in Rongotai Wellington. We can retro fit up to 10 sashes per day.

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